Welcome Kasauli Continental Resort

Whether it’s extravagance, coziness or a mix of what you’re looking for, the kasauli Continental Resort is one and only best solution for you. The modern and elegantly designed Resort is situated just a few blocks from kausali hills, a commercial hotspot for business and entertainment at Kasauli road, Dharampur. kasauli Continental Resort has a luxurious environment and is a boutique lodge that is differentiated from larger Resort chains by personalised services. Kasauli in the State of Himachal Pradesh is prominent for its abundant natural beauty, where you truly leave your worries behind you at the pier. Here, we offers fun-loving people an opportunity to experience Great Adventure Sports at Kasauli hills. The Kasauli Continental Resort offers a unique concept of cottages with kitchenette facilities (optional & charge-able) & a resort with rare stone architecture. We arrange special honeymoon package as well Off season package or monsoon package is on great demand.